How to Do Extensive Reading

Motivating Students to Do More ER
Often a key problem is encouraging students to read, even when a sufficient supply of reading materials is available. This list of ideas was compiled by teachers from various countries with whom I have worked. Please let me know if you have ideas to add:

Students as Writers of ER Materials
The responsibility for finding ER materials needn't rest entirely on teachers. Students can also help. One way that students can help is by writing ER materials for themselves and others. I wrote this for a course I teach on ER.

Teachers as Writers of ER Materials
Discusses why and how teachers themselves can write ER materials. I wrote this for a course I teach on ER.

Finding Materials for ER
Finding the right materials can make or break an ER program. The list offers suggestions for finding such materials.

Ideas for After Individual Reading

Discusses tasks that students might usefully do after they have finished reading a book. Questions about such tasks are considered.

Book Wheels
Here’s a technique I’ve used many times. It combines ER with cooperative learning.

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