Reading Aloud

Surprise Star
This is a story that is great for reading aloud or for story telling. I learned it at a workshop and have changed it around a bit. It’s best to have an apple and a knife with you to show your listeners the star. The story has an uplifting message.

Combining Cooperative Learning with Reading Aloud by Teachers
This is an article by Daniel Hannah and myself.

Helping Children Make Their Own Simple Books
This is a powerpoint of a workshop I’ve done. The idea is that children will enjoy reading and rereading books that they and their peers have written.

Reading Aloud to Children
This is a ppt of a basic workshop on why and how to read aloud. Although the title talks about reading aloud to children, reading aloud is great with people of any age.

Read Aloud and CL
This is a ppt of a workshop on why and how to combine reading aloud and cooperative learning.

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