I am active in Vegetarian Society (Singapore): www.vegetarian-society.org. For example, I'm one of the editors of its free e-Newsletter.

You can obtain a free subscription by going to the Society's homepage and putting your email address in the appropriate box near the bottom of the page. Yahoo will then send you a message asking you to confirm that you indeed do want to subscribe to the e-Newsletter.

Some of my favorite vegetarian-related websites are:



Here are some papers, etc. that I have written on veg-related topics:

Because You Care about the Environment, Maybe You Should Eat Less Meat

Extending the Circle of Compassion to Include Nonhuman Animals: The Case of the Use of Who in Dictionaries, Works on Grammar, Publication Manuals, and by Newspapers and News Agencies

Speaking Vegetarian: Toward Nonspeciesist Language

Review of Animal Equality:  Language and Liberation


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