Resources for Extensive Reading

10 Literacy Rights of Children
Some years back, the International Reading Association put together a list of Reading Rights of Children. I can’t find it on their site any more, but I think it’s a good list, and Extensive Reading connects with several of the rights.

Extensive Listening
A great companion to ER is EL (Extensive Listening). This file give you a very brief introduction. A better place is Rob Waring’s website. You’ll find the link in this file.

Read It
Many years ago, some teachers and I changed the words of Michael Jackson’s song Beat It in order to inspire people to read more.

Extensive Reading Website
I had a role in helping to start and to maintain the Extensive Reading website, especially the annotated bibliography found there. View the table of contents of the website.

Annotated Bibliography of Works on Extensive Reading in a Second Language compiled by George Jacobs, Willy A Renandya, and Julian Bamford. For much more information on reading, plus an updated version of this bibliography, see the Extensive Reading in Second Language website at

Quotes Related to ER
Quotations can be a good way of motivating ourselves and others to use ER effectively and often. If you know of others, please send them to me at

Interview on extensive reading.
Barfield, A. (2000). The promise and practice of extensive reading: An interview with George Jacobs and Willy Renandya. Literacy Across Cultures, 3(2), 25-30. In this interview, two teachers talk about their background and current ideas regarding extensive reading.


Why Donít More Teachers Do ER?
Considers why some teachers are not enthusiastic about ER and offers ideas for encouraging more teachers to promote ER among their students.


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